Slim body as its predecessor

Designer of KUNER Battery Case has fully taken advantages of design language
and visual perception to build the thin appearance of KUNER Battery Case, which
is the best highlight of KUNER Battery Case.

Perfection without jaw

The patent technology of LightSync enables KUNER Battery Case to abandon long
jaw in design and to keep the smooth and harmony after convergence
with iPhone.

Increase thickness
Increase length

Slim body as its predecessor

The gorgeous metal cutting section is smooth, uniform and perfectly polished; the back cover has been subjected to special skin-alike treatment in painting which prevents the remain of fingerprints; this together with the metal Logo, KUNER Battery Case, will always present you with the most outstanding appearance.

CNC cutting

Restore the original feature as hard metal

Matt UV coating

Smooth texture and fingerprint proof

Etched with a CNC engraving machine

It looks new for a long time

The shell is screwed in a classic and vintage manner

With a classic design of a screw mouth, the shell will be tightly mounted by tightening the screws gently on both sides with a screwdriver, a method which is fast and convenient. At that moment, it will seem like you have turned into a watchmaker after tightening it.

A hard shell with distinct edges and corners

With CNC cutting technology, KUNER Battery Case Diamond features a high cutting accuracy as well as smooth and neat sections; with excellent cutting and tapping technology, the hardness of the metal during each procedure is restored and perfect and top quality edges and corners are polished; with a two-sided screw mouth and perfectly fitted threads, no mobile phone will ever fall out.

Military-level lithium polymer batteries

We choose to cooperate with the same battery suppliers as the iPhone, providing high-quality battery programs for KUNER Battery Case. Achieving as high as 650Wh/L, the energy density enables KUNER Battery Case to provide as much power energy supply as possible in a limited space; the choice of lithium polymer batteries almost eliminates, in theory, the dangerous circumstances such as liquid leakage and blister pick.

Ultra-thin volume and ultra-high energy density

Achieving as high as 650Wh/L, the energy density enables KUNER Battery Case to provide as much power energy supply as possible in a limited space.

Dual chip power supply with chip linkage

Tests prove that, compared with the similar products with ordinary charging programs and a 1A current support, through dual charging managerial chips, intelligent charging programs and 2.1A current support, KUNER Battery Case improves its product's charging speed significantly.

One-wire connection , Perfect charge and transmission

The patent technology used by LightSync of KUNER Battery Case really addresses the problems such as a long jaw, extra interface, etc. faced among similar products, which enables KUNER Battery Case to have a splendid exterior design and give an extremely convenient using experience to the users.

Data transmission
Original interface

Dual power supply control chips + multiple protection technology + high precision voltammeter

Protection for the end of current input, battery application end and a current output end as well as monitoring and protection for 9 corresponding electrical parameters are provided in the circuit design. Besides this, digital control and management modes are applied in large quantities; benefited from the high quality chips supplied by world famous manufacturers, a fast processing speed and low power consumption are realized simultaneously. Chip voltammeters are applied to ensure accurate power release under various complicated application environments.

Dual power supply control chip

Dual-core power supply chip linkage

Multiple protection technology

Multiple circuit protection design

High-precision coulometer

Adaptability to severe conditions

A light and thin alloy frame perfectly fitted to the mobile for both protection enhancement and quick charging. With high quality materials and an ideal process, the mobile charging of the phone can be completed with just one wire.

Light Sync global PCT patented technology realizes a “jawless” shell. With a 2400mAh battery, the iPhone 6 will never die from a loss of power.

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