• Sufficient Power & Releasing Energy

  • KUNER Battery Cases Colors for iPhone 6/6s

  • Lighter, easier installation and lively colors

  • Benefits for iPhone 6s Heavy Users

  • Have you ever felt that the battery life of iPhones is never sufficient for use? The light protective shell provides you with prolonged power of iPhone 6s. By increasing the talking time, you can avoid running out of power during your business trip; it increases navigating time enabling you to travel further; increases video watching time, making it possible for you to experience a continuous and complete US TV series; increases gaming time so you can feel more relaxed in your leisure moments.
  • 2400 mAh 40 minutes
  • Battery capacity of iPhone 6s can be charged from 0 to 76%
  • All the above data is laboratory measurements and the actual use may be different according to specific situations.

Slimmer Body

Lightness and thinness have always been the design concept
of KUNER Battery Case. The KUNER Battery Case Colors
again renewed the record of the KUNER Battery Case series on
its weight,while not affecting the original touch feeling of iPhone
due to its slim body.

Aesthetic Appearance without Jaw

The patent technology of LightSync enables KUNER Battery
Case to abandon long jaw in design and to keep the smooth
and harmony after convergence with iPhone.

Mellow Touch and Anti-Fingerprint Back Cover

The smooth and mellow design of back cover enables the KUNER Battery Case to remain iPhones’ own style and touch after the convergence of KUNER Battery Case and iPhone 6s. Through careful consideration, the material of the back cover is carefully chosen and handled with technology to prevent the imprints of fingerprints, thus helps KUNER Battery Case always maintain its simple and aesthetic appearance.
  • Mild arc
    Create a mellow touch
  • Pearlescent UV coating
    Pearlescent texture and anti-fingerprint
  • Elastic outer ring
    Easier installation with an elastic rubber outer ring

Stronger All-in-one Design

KUNER Battery Case Colors for iPhone 6s adopts an all-in-one design. Just slide in and press it down. It is easier to install but stronger for convergence.

Diversity of Colors & Vitality of Youth

The KUNER Battery Case Colors comes with a black outer ring through diversified color design, giving the KUNER Battery Case great vitality. After the convergence with iPhone 6s, KUNER Battery Case can now also provide you with an energetic all-in-one experience. Each line and each corner highlight, the aesthetic feeling of the design and mellow hold and touch feelings are ubiquitous.

One-wire connection , Perfect charge and transmission

The patent technology used by LightSync of KUNER Battery Case really addresses the problems such as a long jaw, extra interface, etc. faced among similar products, which enables KUNER Battery Case to have a splendid exterior design and give an extremely convenient using experience to the users.
  • Data transmission
  • Charge
  • Original interface

Steady performance under harsh environments

KUNER battery case adopts the chip-level coulometer program, which supports self-adaptation learning and calibration functions of the ambient environment with working load. It can guarantee an accurate release of power under various complex environments. Tests prove that, compared with similar products with analog circuit program, by using coulometer chip, KUNER battery case can release more than 10% of power energy in the extreme cold environment. Besides, one calibration of the coulometer chip can return KUNER battery case to normal operation rapidly in case of abnormal usage.
  • -20℃. Normal operation under -20℃ in cold winter.
  • 60℃. Normal operation under 60℃ in hot summer.

Dual power supply control chip + A programmable 32-bit processor + High-precision coulometer

In order to realize a more perfect and intelligent charging operation, KUNER Battery Case massively adopts digital control and a managerial mode, by choosing world-renowned manufacturers to provide high-quality chips, it has achieved an extremely high processing speed with extremely low power energy consumption. Moreover, through engineers' repeated tests and careful adjustments of parameters, KUNER Battery Case's intelligent charging management can fully adapt to different user's using habits and charging environments.
  • Dual power supply control chip
  • A programmable 32-bit processor
  • High-precision coulometer

Multi-protection technology to protect various layers of the iPhone 6 and KUNER Battery Case

KUNER Battery Case provides three protective layers including current input end, battery use end and current output end on a circuit design as well as corresponding 9 kinds of electric parameter monitors and protection functions. The three protective mechanisms and 9 protective functions increase the product liability significantly, avoid product damage under extreme circumstances, effectively ensure the safety of iPhones and prolong the using cycle of iPhone's battery. Besides, KUNER Battery Case provides an additional protective function against 9kV contact electrostatic and 15kV air electrostatic, thus making the protective functions even more comprehensive.

Military-level lithium polymer batteries

We choose to cooperate with the same battery suppliers as the iPhone, providing high-quality battery programs for KUNER Battery Case. Achieving as high as 650Wh/L, the energy density enables KUNER Battery Case to provide as much power energy supply as possible in a limited space; the choice of lithium polymer batteries almost eliminates, in theory, the dangerous circumstances such as liquid leakage and blister pick.

Ultra-thin volume and ultra-high energy density

Achieving as high as 650Wh/L, the energy density enables KUNER Battery Case to provide as much power energy supply as possible in a limited space.

Dual chip power supply with chip linkage

Tests prove that, compared with the similar products with ordinary charging programs and a 1A current support, through dual charging managerial chips, intelligent charging programs and 2.1A current support, KUNER Battery Case improves its product's charging speed significantly.

There will be one that fits your liking

The KUNER battery case Colors for iPhone 6s is now provided with a white, blue, black, rose gold and red collocation. Among the different combinations, there will be one that meets your aesthetic needs.

Colors Family

The KUNER Battery Case Colors for iPhone 6s provides you with several options of color matching. There is always one type among the different color matching that will satisfy your aesthetic need.