Choose larger capacity at will, use more power freely!

Applicable to
iPhone7 /7 Plus

Feature upgrading, portable as usual

Imported food grade
LSR Liquid silicone
shell material
Light and light
portable design
Support for original
Lightning headset
Music / voice / wire operation

Interpret a brand new design language with high cost

Innovative introduction of imported food grade liquid silicone rubber. Insist on creating high quality through the manufacturing technology of overmolding.
As smooth and delicate as skin. Perfect anti-slip and anti-shatter protection. The waterproof surface is easy to clean and looks like new though being used all year round.

Imported food grade LSR
Liquid Silicone Rubber

Classic black & white bicolor matching
Outstanding appearance

Classic black and white KUKE has been launched to match the whole series of iPhone 7/7 Plus. You can choose either style at will. The delicately designed fashionable appearance demonstrates both luxury and elegance.

Ebony black
Rock white

Thin to 14 mm, perfectly fit with the iPhone body as if they were one.

Light to 72 grams, reduce the heavy feeling, and maintain the mellow touch of iPhone.

Follow the pioneering “jawless” design, and implement the principle that beauty should not give way to features.

Weigh to 72grams
The jaw is only 2mm
Thin to 14mm

Proper protection of camera makes shooting more fun

Make up for the deficiency that iPhone camera is easy to bulge and be damaged. Retain more beautiful moments.

Camera protection design

2400mAh battery providing adequate power reserves

It has always been the design concept of KUKE to allow heavy use of iPhone for a whole day; eliminate your anxiety and
distress caused by low power; guarantee the entertainment for one day and travel lightly

Note: Data of test comes from a laboratory environment

Can increase 76% electricity capacity for iPhone 7
100% battery power for smartphone.
iPhone 7
iPhone 7  with the KUKE
7 Plus
7 Plus with the KUKE
Music playing time
Video playing time
Wi-Fi web browsing
4G LET web browsing
3G web browsing
3G voice call

Compatible to Lightning headset

Overcome technical difficulties
Support the latest audio headset of Lightning iPhone.

Compatible to Lightning headset

Support wired control of original headset, support phone call with headset

All the wire-controlled functions of headset can be used normally. Value both quality and control.

Support headset voice call
Wired volume control
Wired playback control

Charging while enjoying music

Enjoy music or voice call freely through Lightning audio headset while charging the phone.

Support headset use
while charging
the smartphone

Free storage expansion

Independent storage unit module provides a more free storage
expansion and flexible data management. The expansion based on MicroSD (TF)
card supports a maximum storage of 256GB.

  • Support flexible TF
    card expansion
  • .maximum 256GB Support TF card of
    maximum 256GB
  • Smart APP storage

Expand storage /charge/ listen to music
simultaneously with no disruption

You can expand storage, charge and listen to music at the same time because it has a good compatibility and high efficiency.

Software with rich features displays
the great performance of hardware

Strong APP has always been the best platform to interpret the rich features of KUKE
APP of version 2.0 has been launched alongside with the KUKE for iPhone 7 and 7 plus. The interaction will bring about a refreshing experience.

Photo album
Audio and video player
Document browsing
Address book backup
Battery detection

Unlimited space for photos
and video recordings

Support the newly camera features of iPhone, and give full play to the advantage of free expansion of storage capacity.
Whether to take pictures or videos, you can choose to save them directly into the KUKE.
It will not occupy the precious internal storage space of smartphone.

Rich network resources to
download smoothly

Freely browse online resources. All kinds of movies, TV shows and music can be downloaded directly to the KUKE.
After being off-line downloaded, massive video resources can be enjoyed at any time. The memory card can be changed to
avoid insufficient storage.No need to take up iPhone internal storage space. You can easily enjoy the almost unlimited network resources.

Keep you up-to-day on the health
condition of smartphone battery

Provide hardware-level detection and diagnosis for iPhone battery, so as to keep you up-to-day on the health condition.
Actual usable power / charging cycle times / operating temperature / operating voltage / cell type and other key information are easy
to be read.Automatically match the appropriate charging scheme, get more adequate power, extend the battery life.

Backup photo album and address book

Back up the address book, photos and videos in iPhone to KUKE.
Avoid important and private data loss caused by accident, and relax every day.

High and low temperature protection
Short circuit protection
System reset protection
Over-voltage input protection
Reverse input connection protection
Over-current input protection
Over-voltage input protection
Over-charging and over-discharging protection
Over-current protection of battery

Adopt Texas instrument customized charge and discharge chip, which not only provides 9-level circuit protection, but also fully enhances the efficiency of charging and discharging.

High-quality circuit chip, providing over 9-level circuit protection

Delicate structure brings easy installation and removal

Demonstration of smart phone case installation and removal

KUKE smart phone case 4.7"
Free TF card storage expansion

Applicable to 4.7 "iPhone 7 model
Independent TF card storage expansion / expand
storage for a maximum of 256GB
2400mAh polymer battery / multiple circuit protection
Body made of liquid silicone rubber/ support headset with
a Lighting audio jack

Which one is your favorite?

Ebony black
Rock white

KUKE smart phone case 5.5"
Free TF card storage expansion

Applicable to 5.5 "iPhone 7Plus model
Independent TF card storage expansion / expand
storage for a maximum of 256GB
2400mAh polymer battery / multiple circuit protection
Body made of liquid silicone rubber/ support headset with
a Lighting audio jack